The last of my replacement sets is the UCS B-Wing.

The original Lego set I have cost me a mint about 3 years ago.

The B-Wing is my 2nd favorite ship in the Star Wars universe, and somehow when it came out in a UCS variety, I missed it completely.

So once it was retired, this $199 set rocketed up to $400 in just over a year out of production.

I sadly had not heard of Lepin at the time, and purchased one from Bricklink I believe, or maybe from Ebay.

The Lego build was great, but in keeping with the theme of removing my Lego ships and swapping them with Block-off, the time was ripe to jump on this.

Sadly due to a camera issue, I lost the first few pics from this review.

The set itself differs from Lego in that the bags are not numbered here. This one is not too surprising as the number system was just being introduce around this time period for Lego, and obviously Lepin was not copying them one to one at this time.

The build is a rather fun set to put together, as it is a very unorthodox ship to start with.

Fun side note, there is a Star Wars Rebels cartoon episode that showcases how the B-Wing came to be built in the first place, look it up if you are interested.


The set comes together in a pile of different sections. The main center wing, the engine, left and right “stabilizer” wings and the cockpit.


The original Lego version suffered a bit of a design flaw in the end of the main wing, the massive gun placement was very weakly attached to the set, oddly in the Lepin variety, that is not the case, it is still built the same, but for some reason the clutch is actually better than Lego here and it does not fall off or need kragle to hold it in place.

The cockpit has some cool elements as well, it is meant to spin 360 as the ship would rotate around it. The accomplish this by a cool 2 part design coupled together with tank tracks.


The ship itself is rather large due to the majority being the massive wing that dominates the build, sitting about 18 inches tall on an angle, it is one of the larger ships available in the UCS fleet.


All in a ll a fantastic set, fun to build, no missing parts and a beautiful showpiece, what more could you want?

A perfect 10/10 and a 100% clone of the Lego set.

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