So when I was purchasing my batch of Lepin Star Wars replacement sets during the collapse of Lepin, I also opted to pick up a Tie Advanced from the same seller.

It was one of the few Lego sets I never owned, and though now may be the time with Lepin going under, I may never have a chance again.

Sadly the AliExpress seller had lied about their inventory.

They claimed everything on the site still listed was in stock and ready for immediate Well after 3 weeks and the set not shipping, and my constant chasing of them, they told me they cannot ship it as their batch was “damaged”.

I call BS here, they likely never had it and were trying to make a quick buck on panic buys.

So when I finally cornered them for a refund, they offered me any other set on the site instead, even if it cost more.

I had my eye on the Mustang for a while, but I have never collected Lego cars before, and while I am a fan of old 70’s muscle cars, I never really thought to get one in a building block variety.

But I am very glad I did.

The set is incredibly well designed and a very great recreation of a iconic piece of Detroit metal.

The set was very easy to assemble as it was properly numbered.


Build time was only a couple hours max.

The attention to detail is amazing in this set, from the leather bucket seats


To the unique Mustang tail lights


From the classic Mustang grill


To the elegant console


One of my favorite aspects of this set though is it comes with a full conversion kit to make it either the classic car



Or the tricked out powerhouse muscle car.


Complete with jacked up rear suspension.


Lego truly set the bar for car enthusiast sets with this model.

My hope is maybe we see them make a set annually like this, would love a 1969 Cuda, or a GTO Judge, maybe the classic Dukes of Hazard car. The possibilities are endless.

As for a Lepin set, this was very well made, clutch was perfect, stickers were good, and for the most part color matching was good, only 1 issue was present with the flat roof tiles that are printed.

Not a huge deal breaker, but up close it is noticeable.


That was the only flaw I could fins in the set.

If you like Detroit metal as much as I do, do yourself a favor and pick this up, you will not be disappointed.

A near perfect 9 / 10

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