Blockoff Review – Van Gogh Sunflower MOC

The Van Gogh Sunflower set was my third and final fine art collection set and it is one of my faves for both looks and build.

The set comes in at 1282 pieces and is significantly bigger than the previous Sunflower set.

As with all sets from Vonado, the instructions are included on a card with a QC code for the manual.

Also another staple of Vonado, though the bags are numbered, they have no discernible order when it comes to assembly. The set came in 9 numbered bags.

This is by far one of the most colourful sets I have ever assembled.

However there is a large difference in part colours from the instructions and sadly this adds to the build time as you can be part hunting for something that does not exist in the set.

There is a guide to the parts that are colour swapped, but it still does not help overall as it did not include all the substitutions.

Additionally, 1 minor gripe is the Vase, this was swapped from Red to Grey, which really loses the pop it should have had, the rest of the bricks on the vase still correspond with the red, so it is definitely out of place being grey, additionally even the green trim is not consistent. You can see here th Vonado Vase next to the Original MOC

The unusual part is that in the picture from the site, they corrected the vase issue by making all the surrounding bricks the same colour, yet in the actual set it is not that way. So there is even inconsistencies in their own take on the MOC which is disappointing. My pic on the left, Vonado on the right.

Another pitfall to watch out for is the vines and stems, the instructions are really weird here, they should have had you do all the vines and stems first, but instead put them in after the flower is set, making it nearly impossible to see where they go properly, and to place them without knocking parts off the flowers.

What I did was just keep skipping ahead and placed all the parts ahead of time. This saved a lot of frustration.

All in all this is a beautiful set, the colours really pop, even if they are not entirely correct (see the top left flower for the biggest difference)

Planning to hang this on the wall beside the original Van Gogh Sunflower picture.

A solid 8/10 and a must have for the fine are collectors out there. A very satisfying build, only marred by the issues with colour changes.

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