Review – Farpoint – In a galaxy far, far away.

Review – Farpoint – In a galaxy far, far away.

So I was a little cautious going into Farpoint.

While shooters are typically one of my favorite genres, and I do love me some VR, the marrying of the two has not really been successful thus far.

With a lot of experiences falling flat, or offering gimmicky stand still and shoot experiences, Farpoint is a really big breath of fresh alien air.

The set up is right out of most sci-fi novels, stranded on a alien world, you have to find a way home.

Now I will not spoil anything here, but the game has a fantastic and unpredictable narrative. Again, something I have not really come to expect in VR. Thus far the experiences have all been pretty holo. Thus is often the case with indie developer. While they have a great idea for gameplay, most of the really suck at any form of cohesive narrative.

And that is where Farpoint really shines here.

As you traverse this distant world, you are finding holographic breadcrumbs of the people you are searching for.

I really can’t say much more without spoiling things. So I will leave the plot up to you to discover.

But I can tell you, it is worth the price of admission. (Still better than the last 3 “Alien” movies)

I picked up the much sought after Aim controller bundle, which really is the second biggest highlight of the game.

They put some serious R&D into this controller. It works perfectly and feels amazing. The on screen characters hands are directly where you are holding the controller. And this really helps immerse you in the world.

You will have 5 different guns throughout the game, and they all feel really well designed and a lot of though was put into their use with the aim controller.

You will shoulder your sniper rifle and match up targets in the scope. Shoot a shotgun from the hip, and aim down the holographic site on your assault rifle. All feeling very different but all feel incredibly natural.

I found myself closing one eye to aim with the sniper rifle. This just happened subconsciously and I didn’t really notice for about half the game.

The graphics are pretty top notch for VR as well. Most games still have some anti-aisling issues, and there are here too, but in much diminished capacity. VR games still have a tendency to look a little last gen, or early PS4, but Farpoint does add a lot of polish that many others have not.

If I had anything negative to say it would sadly be about the length of the core game itself.

I finished up in just under 5 hours and that time just flew by.

That being said there is a challenge mode that is hard as nails to master, and a option to play the game in co-op with another PSVR player.

A nice inclusion in this sea of single player experiences.

My big hope at this point is that we see much more of the Aim controller. It is so well thought out I have to have faith this will not be the only real game to support it.

I know there is a couple other games rumored to include it, like Arizona Sunshine (a zombie killing game) and one other title that eludes me right now.

Also there is a small rumor starting to circulate that we may see No Mans Sky with VR and Aim support, that could be a real treat.

With E3 in just 2 weeks time I imagine we will see a lot more of VR and hopefully announcements for the Aim.

A solid 8/10 and a must have for shooter fans, this is the VR shooter you have been waiting for.

Review: Statik – Just a little fuzzy…

Review: Statik – Just a little fuzzy…

So I am in the midst of a VR play-a-thon, you will be getting some new reviews soon for RE7, The Assembly and Farpoint, but first, we have a cool little VR game called Statik by Tarsier Studios.

The premise is simple. Solve the puzzle on your hands, both of which are trapping in a box and can be manipulated as such by twisting and turning the DS4 controller.

Sounds simple?

Well here’s the catch, there are zero instructions on how to solve the puzzle, it is a completely out of the box thinking game (pun intended)

There is a small group of puzzles, only 8, and each is successively more difficult, and each one is completely unique, so do not think just because you aced puzzle 3 you will rock puzzle 4 as all you have learned is tossed out the window with each room.

The plot unfortunately is pretty thin, and all in all makes very little sense when all told.

The game pulls from other projects like Portal, but ultimately falls short on the charm of a game like portal.

The puzzles are the strong point at least and can honestly carry the game even if you play for story (like I do)

But also, I am a puzzle fanatic, not just games, but everything from physical puzzles, to word puzzles and even jigsaws, so something like this fits right up my alley in terms of challenge.

That being said, short of 1 puzzle I breezed through all of them with not to much difficulty at all. But your mileage will vary completely based on your cognitive processing for 3d puzzles. If this is your strong suit, don’t expect to get much more than a couple hours out of the game like I did.

Other than trophy farming you will have zero reason to play Statik a second time. There is a trophy for speed and once you know the solutions, you could easily blow this away in 30 mins or less.

All in all a fun game to blow an afternoon with, but sadly a lot of potential for a great narrative was squandered.

A solid 7/10, but only for those of you who love puzzles.

Review – Eagle Flight: Far from Fowl…

Review – Eagle Flight: Far from Fowl…

So after 90hrs of Mass Effect, and another 60+ hours in Destiny, I have decided to go into a VR mode for a while and blow through a few shorter games.

First on that List was Eagle Flight by UbiSoft.

Now UbiSoft has always marched to the beat of their own drum, be that good or bad, they are one of the few publishers out there who really feel comfortable with new IPs and have no problem taking chances on oddball titles from time to time.

On of those games is Eagle Flight.

It came out last year in the release window of the PSVR and Ubi took a real chance releasing a game like this for a completely untested and budding hardware platform.

But that bet paid off, with a decent sell through of about 130k, that is more than 10% of PSVR owners who have picked up the game. A heck of a lot better than most new IPs attach at.

The game itself is set in a fictional future Paris. There is no real timeline as to when things are set, or what caused the earth to be without humans, but there are some subtle hints for those digging.

I will get back to a theory I have about the world at then end of this review, it will be a minor spoil, so be warned.

The game itself is in my opinion one of the best uses of the PSVR to date. The tracking and movement system are phenomenal.You use you head as your only means of control, looking left and right you slowly turn in that direction, while tilting your head slightly left or right gives you a tight turn.

This system works unbelievably well and is incredibly intuitive. Within minutes of putting on the PSVR headset you will be soaring through broken buildings, across the water, through sewers and cave with pin point accuracy.

It feels very natural to use your head in this way, and your mind very easily accepts the control scheme.

The controller itself is used for small bursts of speed, to “eagle cry” which is used to shoot down other birds, a shield button and once the game is finished, the O button become a direction lock, so you can look around why flying over the city, making it much easier to find the collectibles in the game.

One downside I did find though, is that for the first time ever in VR I had a major VR hangover.

For about an hour after playing my head was swooning. If I tilted my head at all my brain kinda went a little sideways.

I think this has a lot to do with the turn scheme in the game. You mind is tricked into thinking when you tilt your head your vision is going to pan left and right, but when you come back to reality the mind does not know the difference, so it still presumes you are going to shift vision left and right.

So if you are sensitive to VR in any way, this game may not be for you. I have very very strong VR legs and literally nothing in VR bothers me, and really, it was not the playing that was the problem.

Fingers crossed this is but a hiccup and not something that is going to happen more often.

The world itself is very well crafted and has a bit of a cartoony look to it. There are no super high res textures, but everything looks just detailed enough to make you believe it.

The city is covered in years of growth, with bears, wolves, elephant and giraffes now roaming the streets.

** Spoilers coming (for Eagle Flight and Assassin’s Creed) **

It is my belief that this word and the Assassin’s Creed universe are one and the same.

We know at the end of AC3 that Desmond freed Juno onto the world, and that she is hell bent on destroying humanity.

Well I am pretty sure this is the fallout for future AC events.

In one area of the city you actually find a crashed Satellite. I scoured it the best I could for some sign of it being from Abstergo, but flying past I could not find any markings.

But with the constant talk about the Abstergo satellites that were to be launched, it is kind of a cheeky tie in.

No clue f this will play out in future AC games, but I would not be surprised if we find there are ties to the franchise in a sequel maybe.

** Spoilers Finished **

All in all Eagle Flight is one of the most enjoyable VR experiences I have had (outside of porn, hahaha) But in all seriousness, Ubi has really done an amazing job with this game, it is fun, very accessible to new comers, and offers a TON of replay-ability.

There are timed challenges for all missions, and you get a up to a 3 star rating for each mission, with over 125 stars to collect, each unlocking more difficult challenge modes.

There is 25 story missions that ultimately unlock all districts of the city.

On top of all that there is a ton of collectibles, each one has 15-35 feathers to find hidden all over the place, and fish to catch down by the water.

And as if that was not enough, there is a full on 3v3 multiplayer component, that plays out like a capture the flag type mode.

All in all one fantastic game package and a very welcome addition to VR.

A solid 8.5 / 10 and highly recommended to all PSVR owners (unless you are very VR sensitive)