So I was a little cautious going into Farpoint.

While shooters are typically one of my favorite genres, and I do love me some VR, the marrying of the two has not really been successful thus far.

With a lot of experiences falling flat, or offering gimmicky stand still and shoot experiences, Farpoint is a really big breath of fresh alien air.

The set up is right out of most sci-fi novels, stranded on a alien world, you have to find a way home.

Now I will not spoil anything here, but the game has a fantastic and unpredictable narrative. Again, something I have not really come to expect in VR. Thus far the experiences have all been pretty holo. Thus is often the case with indie developer. While they have a great idea for gameplay, most of the really suck at any form of cohesive narrative.

And that is where Farpoint really shines here.

As you traverse this distant world, you are finding holographic breadcrumbs of the people you are searching for.

I really can’t say much more without spoiling things. So I will leave the plot up to you to discover.

But I can tell you, it is worth the price of admission. (Still better than the last 3 “Alien” movies)

I picked up the much sought after Aim controller bundle, which really is the second biggest highlight of the game.

They put some serious R&D into this controller. It works perfectly and feels amazing. The on screen characters hands are directly where you are holding the controller. And this really helps immerse you in the world.

You will have 5 different guns throughout the game, and they all feel really well designed and a lot of though was put into their use with the aim controller.

You will shoulder your sniper rifle and match up targets in the scope. Shoot a shotgun from the hip, and aim down the holographic site on your assault rifle. All feeling very different but all feel incredibly natural.

I found myself closing one eye to aim with the sniper rifle. This just happened subconsciously and I didn’t really notice for about half the game.

The graphics are pretty top notch for VR as well. Most games still have some anti-aisling issues, and there are here too, but in much diminished capacity. VR games still have a tendency to look a little last gen, or early PS4, but Farpoint does add a lot of polish that many others have not.

If I had anything negative to say it would sadly be about the length of the core game itself.

I finished up in just under 5 hours and that time just flew by.

That being said there is a challenge mode that is hard as nails to master, and a option to play the game in co-op with another PSVR player.

A nice inclusion in this sea of single player experiences.

My big hope at this point is that we see much more of the Aim controller. It is so well thought out I have to have faith this will not be the only real game to support it.

I know there is a couple other games rumored to include it, like Arizona Sunshine (a zombie killing game) and one other title that eludes me right now.

Also there is a small rumor starting to circulate that we may see No Mans Sky with VR and Aim support, that could be a real treat.

With E3 in just 2 weeks time I imagine we will see a lot more of VR and hopefully announcements for the Aim.

A solid 8/10 and a must have for shooter fans, this is the VR shooter you have been waiting for.

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