Gamestop – or spawn from hell as I call them….

So, I implore all my users if at all possible, avoid Gamestop / EB Games like the plague.

I recently had one of the most disgusting consumer experiences possible with there jerks.

So I was unable to secure a Destiny 2 Limited Edition locally in Canada, so I had no choice but to order from in the US.

I placed my order way back in March when pre-orders opened, in the mean time I was able to secure a Collectors Edition locally, but was going to go through with both orders and sell the LE to a friend who could not get it either.

So on Sept 4th (2 days before launch) it still had no shipped and there was no way it would get here for launch. He changed his mind because it would not be here on time, he ordered digitally, so I decided to cancel my order.

I called Gamestop on Sept 4th, they told me it would not be shipping to Sept 7th, but they would not cancel my order as it was too close to shipping. This made no sense at all, it was not charged yet, nor had it been shipped, why not just cancel it.

They told me the best thing to do was when it arrived, to refuse the shipment and it would just be returned to them, and then they would offer me a refund.

So I did as asked, called UPS when it got here and let them know to ship it back.

Well here is where it goes off the rails.

So when UPS tried to ship it back, Gamestop refused!

So as far as UPS is concerned, the package is deemed abandoned as the seller and buyer both refused the package.

And as far as Gamestop is concerned, the order is complete…

So now I am arguing with them for a refund, but in their eyes they have completed the transaction…

I may have to call my credit card company and get a refund through them as

I have had a bad taste in my mouth for EB Games for years, and I already rarely use them except in situations like this, where they are the exclusive retailer of a product.

But this will be the absolute last time I deal with them and I warn my fellow readers to do the same.

Buyers beware!!!!

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