Review – Titan Fall 2 – Drop in for a good time!

Review – Titan Fall 2 – Drop in for a good time!

When the first Titan Fall dropped back in 2014 it had a luke warm reception. It was an XB1 exclusive which boded well for Microsoft, but not so good for console fans. It was a straight online multi-player only affair, and offered no real story mode to enjoy.

XB1 was not selling too well back then (and still is not compared to PS4) so it is no big shocker that EA decided the buckets of money they got to make it exclusive, were just not worth keeping up, how could you exclude a console with 54 million players.

So TF made the jump to PS4 this year and it is a real treat. Unlike it’s multi-player only predecessor, Titan Fall 2 has added a very well designed story mode. Going down as one of the most enjoyable FPS games I have played in a long time.

They have taken what many consider a bit of a stale gerne and catapult it into the future with some truly unique game play design and level set up.

There are 3 primary jaw dropping levels in the game.

First and foremost is a “Portal” like level that is continually morphing and changing as you ride a conveyor belt that is seemingly assembling a set of office buildings. All the while being coaxed onward by an AI. This comes to a head in a horde mode type village with all the assembled buildings.

Second is an absolutely stunning time travel level, now I am no big fan of time travel in games, as it usually leads to massive plot hole and is often just a gimmick. But time travel in Titan Fall 2 was in place for a reason, it served to move the plot forward, and had a real purpose.

It also allowed for some amazing level design. For instance, in one sequence you have to wall run down a hall in the present, but it is all on fire, so you begin running, hit L1 to instantly morph the environment to the past, run a bit farther, warp back to the future now that you have passed the flames, and keep on running.

It is hard to explain how cool this is on paper, but it works incredibly well. The switching is almost instant via a wrist based travel device, and it is so seamless it is stunning.

Enemy encounters in this area is very well thought out too, with you dropping into a room full of guards in the past, fire a few shots, then pop back to present, reposition and go back to the past. This gets real tricky when you have enemies in the same space, both past and present.

The last innovation came from one of the later levels, where you are jumping from airship to airship, running along exterior hulls, and fighting off waves of enemies. The scale of the battle here was immense but your presence felt valuable. Like you were turning the tide on the battle.

All throughout Titan Fall 2 you really feel powerful, you are just an average Joe, but you feel like superman given the fast pace and the design. Flipping weapons is quick, reloading feels right, and wall running becomes a thing of beauty once mastered.

All told the campaign took me about 8-10 hours to run on Master difficulty, not for the novice, at least not to start, as this difficulty is very punishing, where a mere 2 or 3 hits in quick succession will kill you.

The story at times can get a little side tracked, but all in all it was a very enjoyable narrative. Wrapping up nicely, and even offering a secret ending if you finish on Hard or Master.

I am not much of a fan of online multi-player, I used to be back in my 20’s and early 30’s, but now that I have limited time and rather enjoy playing through a story than mindless online combat, I tend to avoid the online game play.

But I did take TF2 for a few rounds of MP play on various maps.

First match I checked out I got slaughtered. Ended with about 12 deaths and had a big ole zero for kills, now I am no slouch when it comes to playing online, I finish all my games on the hardest difficulty for a reason, I like the challenge and normal and traditional hard modes are a cake walk.

So this was a bit of a shocker. Was the online community that good? The answer was no, once I got the hang of the levels a scant 3 or 4 levels later, I was coming it on #2 or #3 on the leader board, so a rocky start, but if you play the core story mode, you have all you need to go online and kick some ass.

Leveling up online is pretty fast, in the few hours I played I quickly rose to over level 10. Much like CoD, you unlock gear and skins, weapons and upgrades along the way. So in no time I had a much better layout and was feeling pretty at home online.

But like I said, I do prefer story mode in games, so I had to pull myself away and move on to other games. But there is no shortage of online content to keep you going for months. With 5 or 6 different game mode, from capturing and holding hard points, to traditional death match, to a straight up insane all Titan mode, there is plenty to keep you coming back for more.

All in all Titan Fall 2 was one of the best shooter I played in years, and most definitely the most fun I have had in a FPS in a long time.

Highly recommended, a solid 9 out of 10.

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