Blockoff Review – BD-1 Droid from Star Wars: Fallen Order

BD-1 is yet another lovable droid from the Star Wars universe, this time from the amazing Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order game.

I fell in love with this little guy when I played the game, and when I saw Vonado was offering him as a MOC, I had to jump on it.

The set comes in 8 numbered bags that have no purpose other than to sort.

He is a pretty small build, coming in at only 414 pieces.

The build is mostly straight forward and in 4 sections.



and Head

Unfortunately the assembly is a nightmare.

The parts provided for the joints have almost zero clutch. When I assembled him completely he falls entirely apart and there is no way he can support the weight of his head with the design provided.

What this meant was I had to Kragle every joint in place to make it solid and fused so it would hold the weight.

When fused together though, he looks incredible cute. Really capturing the look and feel of the video game character.

All in all a straight forward build, but very disappointing in the final assembly.

A 6/10 scoring so low due to the absolute need for either Lego brand parts, or a heck of a lot of glue.

A great purchase if you are a Fallen Order fan, and not for a builder who hates the use of glue.

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