These 2 little sets were too adorable to skip.

Created around the new Solo movie last year, there put out a series of new Star Wars BrickHeadz.

DSC_0389 (Large)DSC_0390 (Large)
There is not too much too them, clocking in at only 141 and 149 pieces each, they took about 30 mins to assemble each.

The design on them is rather outstanding though. Han really does capture his Solo image even with so few bricks.

DSC_0392 (Large)DSC_0394 (Large)DSC_0397 (Large)DSC_0396 (Large)DSC_0395 (Large)

The hair was really well done, and his outfit is spot on.

Same goes for Chewbacca as well, he is suitable “fluffy” looking while being smooth plastic.

DSC_0399 (Large)DSC_0398 (Large)DSC_0403 (Large)DSC_0402 (Large)DSC_0401 (Large)DSC_0400 (Large)

Standing only a couple inches high, they are just adorable.

DSC_0404 (Large)

Funny thing happened while putting Han together, i noticed halfway into doing his hair, that without the rest of it he looks just like Woody Harlson from Solo. HAHAHA

DSC_0393 (Large)

A couple of fun sets for under $10 and well worth it if you are a fan of Han and Chewie.

Picked mine up from Lego’s online shop directly.


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