So I have been into photography for year now, since I was a child actually, but never in a serious way, more like hardcore casual.

I have had cameras over my lifetime and then long periods with them as well.

I jumped back in last year when I snagged a Nikon D5600 and took some great shots, but my wife and I wanted to get into portraits and nature photography more like when we are on vacation, and I was looking for a good replacement for my 10 year old HD Sony Camcorder for recording my youtube unboxing vids.

So I dove in and went to the top of the line Nikon D850, second only to their new mirror-less line which I honestly did not know enough about to consider a viable option to purchase.

But through a lot of reading, I must admit I was pretty skeptical I was a good enough photographer to even entertain something like the D850. I know a lot about taking great shots compositionally, but when it comes to the heart and soul of F-stops, aperture, ISO, etc, I am admittedly pretty clueless, which was what made the D5600 so great, it was a high end entry level camera, it holds you hand and makes picture taking easy without having to know much.

So I have spent the last 4 months casually reading up on the minutia of photography and dove into the D850 head long.

This camera is honestly not for the casual photographer, if you are one, it will take outstanding pictures still, but it is serious overkill. But if you are like me, and want to ensure you have the best available to you, even if you may not use 100% of its potential, then the D850 could be what you are looking for.

Out of the box it is a fantastic camera. And it does offer a variety of “auto” modes available to you, this helped my learning by setting things like the ISO to auto, enabled me to play with the f-stops until I got me bearings.

But it has taken me a few months of tweaking to get things like I want them, and to make it user friendly enough that my wife who has zero interest in photography can pick it up off the desk and snap a pic or two if she wants.

This is a testament to the usability of the D850. When someone with no knowledge of photography can take amazing picture with it despite its complex nature.

If you are looking for a full comprehensive review, I highly suggest checking out the folks at Digital Photography, this was the review that sold me on the D850:

As much as I would love to give you all a full review like this, I honestly would do this amazing camera an injustice in doing so.

So in all our coming Lepin/Lego reviews you may notice the pics look quite different, this is the reason.

So please let us know in the comments what you think, and don’t forget to check us out on Youtube as well, all vids going forward will be in full 4k.




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