I was never much of a comic book fan as a kid, short of GI Joe and Transformers, I never got into the whole craze.

Growing up I was a huge movie fan though, and when the comic book movies started to hit in the late 80’s, I was the perfect age to get sucked into their wake.

When Batman dropped in 1989 it took the world by storm, and sadly though, the toy market at the time was non-existent when it came to building blocks.

Lego had no official license with anyone, they were still making 100% unique to them sets.

Flash forward into the 2000’s and they finally had some licenses to their name, and we started to see Star Wars enter the market, but there was still a huge hole for the comic fans.

That is until the last few years.

With the popularity of the Marvel movies, Lego jumped right in and got a peice of that lucrative pie.

It also though opened a door for the MOC community to start making more intricate sets around favorite franchises.

Thus enters the 1989 UCS Batmobile.

Coming in at 1740 pieces it is a decent sized set.


A real plus is the numbered bag, it makes a build SOOOO much faster.


The details in this set are pretty great, with the small printed parts as a real bonus.


The set comes together in 3 parts, left wing, right wing and the center bat-pod.


On one had this is kind of a neat idea, as it adds a little more movie flare to the set, but in reality, it just weakens the design a bit in my eyes.

You can feel when assembled it is not 100% structurally sound, as the side are just clipped in with 2 prongs to hold them.

One of my biggest complaints about the set though is the stickers.

In all my years building MOCs, I have never had a crappy set of decals.

I only ended up applying the small Bat logos, and even though look pretty cheap.

I had to cut them out myself as they were only large unpunched sheet.

All in all it is a nice showpiece set if you are into comic memorabilia.


If you are Batman fan, you are not likely to find a better recreation of the 1989 Batmoblie, but just know going in there are a couple shortcomings.

A decent 7 / 10, had there been better structural design and stickers, this set could have been 10.

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