When The Pedestrian debuted with a trailer at E3 2018 I was instantly sold.

The style in this game was unlike anything we have seen before.

I knew immediately that this was a day one buy for me.

Then like most things, I completely forgot about it.

It wasn’t until it came out on Jan 28th, that a game site I go to mentioned its release.

I was shocked, how could this game have flown under the radar for more than 2 years now and suddenly appear out of thin air.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when things like that happen. There is not time to get over hyped, it just comes out and hopefully it is good.

And in this case, it is VERY good.

Now as most of you know I am a puzzle fiend.

I love physical puzzles and puzzle games.

The harder the better as I have a very keen intellect for solving them.

So for a game to stump me is rare, and to be fair, I try to review puzzle games with the reading in mind, because quite frankly, none really challenge me much.

Sadly, Pedestrian is no different.

While it was extremely enjoyable, it was also only a mere 3 hours long, because 98% of the puzzles I just breezed through.

I can easily see though how folks would get stumped.

A lot of the game is designed around thinking 5 steps ahead.

Looking at a whole puzzle, and planning things out from beginning to end in one shot.

This can be a little much for some people.

I have exceptional spacial skills for puzzles like this, so it is no surprise that the were on the easy side.

But do not let that dissuade you from playing The Pedestrian, The Pedestrian is a very clever game set in a style we have not seen before in any game.

You play through the world by traversing from sign to sign, all with the bustling world in the background as a blurred set piece. For it is really not the focus of the game, but it does breath life into the world you are in on a meta scale.

The game primarily consists of fetch puzzles that have you retrieving an item, be it a spool of wire, a key, battery, etc.

You will need to navigate through increasingly complex puzzles until you reach the games amazing climax level.

The majority of the puzzles consist of figuring out how to navigate from sign to sign in a single flowing direction, you like signs together boy allowing you to pass from 1 door to another. The key is however you cannot change the path from door to door once you have walked through it, or else you reset the level and have to start over.

That is until later level, whereby you can “lock” a sign you are in, and make changes.

It is hard to put into words how it works, but it all feels very organic.

The game, while never telling you everything, unfolds in a very logical manner. With each successive add on to how puzzles are solved seeming natural in terms of progression.

However, this is not one of those puzzle games that makes a simple mind feel like a genius, you really do need to think logically and plan ahead to succeed. There is no hand holding, no brute forcing levels, you need to stop, look and put a plan into action.

It is a breath of fresh air in this sea of games that oft tend to be too easy, and really do not let you fail.

That said, you can never really “fail” in The Pedestrian, death has no penalty, and you can reset a level 1000x and there is no punishment for it. Just the satisfaction you will gain by continuing the journey.

While the graphics are nothing next gen, it is still a very beautiful world that they have designed here.

The game always feels fresh in where it takes you, right up to the final puzzle, each area unique, but at the same time familiar.

If you are looking for a fun new platform puzzler, look no further than The Pedestrian, you will be sure to enjoy it.

A fantastic 9/10, near perfect.

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