PC Game Chat – Final Fantasy 14 – 4.2 to 4.5

How does one write about a game that has taken 3 months to finish, somewhere in the 400 hour range.

A game that spans continents and universes?

A game that is a continuation of almost 10 years of play?

To be honest, I am not even sure where to begin.

After a 2 year hiatus I stepped back into Eorzea with trepidation, not even remembering how to play the game, where I left off, what jobs I preferred. All of it lost to the passage of time.

My beloved game causing a bit of anxiety with the sheer overwhelming size and scope, all of this even before the expansion dropped as I had a month worth of grinding the back content to get caught up enough to even play the expansion.

I eased myself in, much like a child in a pool trying not to drown. Checking out Gold Saucer and the mini games that I had never even seen, I grabbed my level 50 DRG and ventured into dungeons telling people I was pretty much a noob here. A lie that was not so much a lie, as all of this felt fresh to me.

All coming to a culmination so I could play Shadowbringers in July.

The massive amount of content was staggering, having seen 4 full on stories unfold, new raids and dungeons, and old story treads come to a head, all leading to SB.

Once I finally found my feet I started to get braver, started to dive into some old raids, get caught up on Heavensward and Stormblood content I just never got around to finishing.

What these last 5 months have taught me is, there is never a shortage of content to be had in FF14. Not that I doubted it, but it seems even to this day that I am still finding new missions and quests I never knew existed on a weekly basis.

I have been going through the Achievement section finding things I have not finished, that lead me on a never ending wild goose chase to new stories.

I have finished the last 2 raids now, I have forged a top tier Anima weapon for my Bard, I have leveled not only my 2 mains (Redmage and Bard) to 80, but also decided to bring up 5 other jobs. (Drg, Blm, Pld, Gnb and War) as well as level up my Carpenter to 80 as well.

All the while unlocking new story content for those jobs as well.

So it is no small surprise since I allowed myself to indulge in Final Fantasy 14, that I have had a hard time moving on. As there really seems no end in sight to what it has to offer.

Even though I am playing other things at the moment, I still pop in for my daily deliveries and weekend Catpot tickets.

So that pretty much takes us up to date for Shadowbrings, stay tuned for impression coming soon.

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