Where oh where has CCG been?

So 2019 has been a bit of a strange year for both Lego and video games.

From Sony pulling out of E3, to Lepin being seized by the Chinese police, things have been weird all over the world.

With the lack of Sony and new games coming down the pipe, a lot of my year was spent diving into my 165 game backlog, but even that didn’t really get chipped down too much. Primarily due to this little thing called Final Fantasy 14.

For the first time in a bout 7 or 8 years, I allowed myself to just indulgently game. To play FF14 until I no longer felt like do it.

Well that still has not happened. I have been going strong now since May and for the first time since then, I am taking a small break to play through Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and also some Death Stranding (reviews coming soon)

But what this meant for The Compulsive Canadian Gamer is a lack of content, because really, I have not played anything I can review for you folks.

I will get something out for FF14 Shadowbringers shortly, but that is the only thing on the roster so far.

As for the Lepin / Lego side of things, the situation is similar.

When Lepin went under, there was a market lull for about 6 months, they are jsut making a comeback now, but it essentially killed the block-off business for 2019.

What did happen though is a influx of MOC sets, as small retailers tried to find a way to eek out a living still, and they looked to the MOC community to create some pretty great sets, just sadly, none that interest me that much.

I do have a couple things to put out, notably the Empire over Jedha and the Colonial Viper, as well as a replacement B-Wing for my legitimate Lego version.

I have decided I want to replace all my current on-brand Lego sets with block-offs, and put the originals aside for sale down the road. So I will have a few reviews there as well, but maybe not until the new year.

So please check back soon as I get caught up.

Thanks for reading!

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