So I took a diversion from all my Lepin building to go back to my brick roots.

I picked up the USC Snow Speeder from

They had a pretty good deal at the time for bonus VIP points, so it made sense to jump in.

After coming off multiple Lepin MOC builds it was glorious to get a real Lego set with actually good instructions and no guess work.



This is actually a remake of one of my all time favorite ships, second only to the Millennium Falcon.

Lego has started to slowly reboot their most popular sets from 15 years ago, and it is a welcome surprise, as the used market for these sets can bee staggering, coming in at thousands of dollars often.

So to have a viable legit option to get some of these old sets again is welcomed.

This remake comes in at 1703 pieces, a whole 250 pieces larger than the 2003 model which had 1445 elements.

It has unfortunately been so long since I built the 2003 model it is hard to recall what is different.

The set itself is very well made, it is one of the more solid UCS builds out there, right up there with the UCS Slave 1 which is a tank.

That is the trade off with these “model” like sets, you oft sacrifice that amazing build quality Lego is known for in lieu of a set that looks like what it is trying to reproduce.

The new UCS Snowspeeder nails this balance to a T though.

With a solid construction, and the most accurate Lego reproduction of the ship yet.


The core of the build is pretty slick, it adds a mechanism that allows you to turn it and the wing flaps will raise and lower. This is just one of the details that makes Lego so cool.

They did not have to have a working module like this, but they tried to go above and beyond.

The guns on the wings are very ell detailed here, as well as the rear tail canon. Which coincidentally also employs a method in which it is moved by the internal control stick.


The cockpit design is beautiful as well, capturing the claustrophobic nature of what these ships entailed.

Control panels and display are clustered together nicely in the cramped quarters.

The build is not particularly challenging, very straight forward from start to finish.

Another nice little addition with the new UCS sets is giving you a mini figure or two to go along with the model, this helps tie it all to the world, even if they are not to scale.

This set comes with 2 generic snow speeder pilots.

All in all a great build and a solid recommendation for all Star Wars Lego fans.

A near perfect 9/10


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