So one of the coolest additions to Star Wars universe was the great little droid BB-8.

Roughly taking the place of R2-D2 in terms of cheeky droid banter, BB-8 and his personality won over fans instantly.

So when Lego announced they would be making a UCS BB-8 I was instantly sold.

On September 1st, Star Wars Force Friday II, BB-8 was released for pre-sale and he arrived early October as the actual release date was October 1st.

This set comes in at just over 1100 pieces, most of which are rather small, so there is a lot packed into this tiny little droid.


Lego had a challenge ahead of them, how do you make a round ball out of square parts.

Well with modern ingenuity and an amazing design team, they did a pretty great job.

The build itself added a few cool designs that they didn’t need to.

One of the best scenes in The Force Awakens with BB-8 is an exchange with Finn on the Millennium Falcon, where the cute little droid extends a arm with a lighter to give our wayward hero a thumbs up.

Well Lego managed to include a mechanism to extend an arm with a faux-flame.

It is a little kitschy, and it does not look 100% right, but it is a nice inclusion.

The core of the set is like most Technic sets, with a solid frame:


The unit itself is surrounded with 4 panels that make out the rounded appearance.


There is a second mechanism that allows the BB Units head to move around and rotate.

Both of these mechanisms are concealed under flat panels on adjacent sides.

Once complete, the BB unit sits on a black stand that is unique to this droid.

Additionally the set comes with a BB-8 Minifig that is just adorable.

Lego also did a good job of nailing the scale, when places next to R2-D2 they match up perfectly. BB is about 60% of the size of R2 and they go together perfectly on display.


All in all a great Star Wars set and a welcome addition to the collection.

A solid 8/10


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