So last up for our toy reviews is the Lego Ultimate Collector’s Series Tie Fighter.

There have been a few Tie ships made over the years by lego, including the Interceptor, Bomber and Vader’s Tie Advanced, but all of them never really captured the feel and look of the ship.

The original was the Tie Interceptor in 1999, which in a bizarre move used blue Lego as the trim color. Over time Lego groups designs got better and better but still never really hit the mark, from being a bland grey color, not the iconic black, to overall design sloppiness, they never felt quite right.

That is until the 75095 Tie Fighter.

This set hits ever mark and really captures the ship design we have all grown up with. With some really unique choices in elements and trim, this ship is near perfect.

Coming in at 1685 peices and a price of $229cnd.

Like all of the current Lego sets, all the elements come in numbered bags, which as you know I am not overly fond of, it really takes the fun guess work out of building Lego, having to hunt for parts. I know, I could just dump them all together, but really that would feel like a waste of time since the instruction are all laid out in a bag to bag set up.

This set holds a total of 13 sets, some containing multiple bags as well.


The build was very straight forward with very little challenge to it, unlike the B-Wing I previously built, this set seems rather boring by comparison. The wings themselves were fun as they were rather unique, but all told this build took only about two and a half hours.

There are 3 distinct parts to the build, cockpit, left and right wing, and stand. That is it.

The cockpit design was well mad and feels really solid.

I pity those poor pilots though, that cockpit barely has elbow room in it.


The wings had a really awesome connection mechanic that sadly I failed to capture. Once built there is a small shaft that inserts into each wing, and then 2 small hings come to lock it in place, it is hard to describe, but it holds thing together very securely without traditional connectors.

The completed model stands over 16″ tall.

The stand itself is a little lack luster thought, there is a hole in the bottom of the ship that fits on a smooth round peg on the stand, this sadly does not lock it in place, and instead forms a swivel. Now it is not a huge gripe, but from just normal house vibration from walking and such, the set tends to rotate a bit off center.

I would have much preferred a square peg, square hole design over the rounded as that would have kept things in alignment no problem.

Lego also decided to go with a mini-fig for this set as well, giving you one Tie Pilot that sits nicely on the base next to the sign.


All in all a good build, but nothing spectacular. An obvious must have for Lego Star Wars fans and at a decent price point as well.

A solid 7/10 and a lovely addition to the collection.

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