Review – Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection – Play it again Kris….

So in preparation for Uncharted for I decided to break my 1 golden gaming rule.

Never play anything twice…

Now to most folks this seems like rather lousy rule, I have been asked a great many times over the years why I do this and it is pretty simple it comes down to two things.

  1. I find very little value in solving puzzles a second time, and repeating a story, no matter how great, to me just seems pointless. I also never read books twice and seldom watch a movie or even TV series again.
  2. I just don’t have the time to revisit games. When you play 60+ games on average a   year, there is no time to go back and play something again. With a backlog pushing 200 games, it is really hard to justify another round of an old fave.

But after reading so many good things about the Nathan Drake Redux, I decided I may as well take a shot and it would help continuity wise on the overall Uncharted story.

Well color me surprise to find that I remember slightly over 1% of the games… My wife calls it C.R.A.F.T. disease, as in Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing. And she is not wrong. I was dumbfounded to find that I recalled literally zero plot from Uncharted 1 and 2 and only a few little plot points in 3.

I remembered no puzzles, no locations, and had some faint memories of big actions scenes in 3 and the train climb in Uncharted 2.

So needless to say, I may need to revise my no second playthrough rule, shit, I may as well keep my games instead of selling them and just rotate the playlist ever 5 year, I may never need to buy a new game again.

So back to more important matters, how does the Uncharted trilogy hold up after 10 years?

In a word, Fantastic.

The games offer nothing much in terms of new content, as there is nothing added to the stories or such and it is all primarily retextured graphics, but boy have they done a good thing here.

If you have never played these games on the PS3, do yourself a favor and stop reading now, and go buy the collection. You will not be disappointed at all.

The games themselves hold up extremely well, they look like they belong on the PS4, and you would be hard pressed to find any technical reasons that they feel last gen.

The combat holds up well, the AI is reasonable with only a slight glitch here or there.

The visuals have received a substantial bump though. Check out any of the side by side videos on YouTube and you will be shocked at how good a job the did with the remaster. They revamped Drake in 1 and 2 to look much more like his Uncharted 4 counterpart.

Some of the additional content comes in the form of and added difficulty (Brutal) and speed run modes where you can compete via a leaderboard for the fasted run through the game.

There is also a new Explorer difficulty that allows for you to explore and look for treasure without the bother of enemies harshing your game.

Lastly the have added a fantastic camera mode to all 3 titles. You essentially pause the game and have full control over the camera, more so than in traditional game play. You can tilt, pan, zoom and off set the camera, then snap some amazing shots of the beautiful world of Uncharted.

For the bargain basement price $49.99 for 3 full games you can’t go wrong.

On a single play-through on Crushing difficulty you will be looking at about 10 hours for story more per game, a little more depending on your puzzle solving prowess.

A Solid 9/10.

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