Alert, Alert! Rift incoming!

So after what has felt like a lifetime, my Oculus Rift has finally shipped. The little VR that started it all is finally coming home to roost and it is a bittersweet culmination to years of waiting on VR.

From a completely botched launch, to Oculus screwing its day one pre-orders by sending thousands of Rifts to retail before fulfilling their obligation, it has been one bumpy ride for the last month and a half.

Now that I have spent the last 40 days with the Vive, is the shine off the VR diamond?

Yes and no.

While having spend a considerable amount of time in VR in the last month, it has left me feeling a little wanting.

Now don’t misunderstand, I love the Vive and the idea of where it will be in a year is very intriguing, but it lacks one very major aspect. Polish.

The Vive offers something the competition does not (not now at least) and that is room scale VR. But at what cost? Polish.

The Vive feels like the DK2 did back in the day, with tons of things to do and try, but none of them with any real substance. The Steam store is littered with expensive tech demos. Throw away titles that you buy, try, and never turn on again sadly.

That is the key difference between the Rift and Vive, the games. Where the Rift itself has a full library of games, and by games I mean completed, start to finish, 8-10 hours, games! Not half baked, over priced, money grabs that fill the Steam store.

I have yet to spend more than 2 hours in a single story type game on the Vive. Why? Are they not good enough? Nope, it is certainly not for lack of wanting. It comes down to devs offering up tease like tastes of full products. There isn’t nay full length games for Vive at the moment unfortunately.

Where the Vive is filled with episodic content and tech demos, the Rift delivers full games. With titles like Chronos, The Climb, Lucky’s Tale, Eve: Valkyrie to name a few, all of which offer full in depth games.

I think this is one key factor to the Oculus store, it is as if Oculus has told devs that you have to offer full products to be part of their storefront, and good for them if that is the case, because it only furthers their stance on quality.

They seem to be going the route of Apple, where standards come into play for their products. That is not a slam against Vive, but it is akin to the age old war of Mac vs PC.

Oculus is trying very hard to emulate Apple / Mac. Making for a more refined experience, at the sacrifice of customization. And the Vive is the PC, sacrificing ease of use for flexibility.

You can play just about anything on the Vive, including some Rift titles with some hacking, but it is a flaky buggy product most days, oft requiring tweaks and frequent reboots just to get it running.

So for the time being, I fully intend to keep both and see where the dust settles. For the time being there is a huge divide in content and until that gap closes, the only way to get all VR has to offer, is purchase both and enjoy it while it lasts.

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