So why the “Compulsive” Canadian Gamer?

So here’s the deal, about 6 months ago I was talking to a friend of mine from work (Dave), this was around the time of all the big fall releases in 2015, I was telling him about the ton of special editions I had on order, Just Cause, AC: Syndicate, Fallout, etc, etc, etc. Pretty much all the major swag filled special editions.

He looked at me and told me that I have a bit of an addiction to gaming, or more like a compulsion. It kind of stuck in my brain and came flowing our once I started to think more about this hobby of mine.

I am an all in gamer, you will very likely never find another gamer as hardcore as I am. Now that is not said out of ego, or wanting to wag my e-peen in peoples face, it comes from a place of truth and I can back it up with the list of games I play and the hardware I use.

I own all the current and last gen platforms, a Vita, a 3ds, Samsung tablet, a gaming PC, you get the point, there is no platform I don’t have because I like to make sure that if there is ever a game I want to play, I can. I average about 60 – 80 games completed each year, and by that I mean I play from start to finish story mode, and some multiplayer in every game, there is no game left unfinished once I dig in.

So yeah, a weeeee bit compulsive you may say.

So tonight I sit on the eve of 20 years in waiting, tomorrow ushers in the dawn of the VR revolution. My Vive will be here and I am beyond thrilled to finally dig in and it has become my new obsession. All the pieces are in place, the room laid out, the cables run, and all the games purchased that I need for a thorough test.

Where am I going with this? Well see, the problem with a compulsion of any sort is there is no shut off valve, now this can be a good thing when it comes to a lot of aspects of life, but when it comes to a hobby? Well that is a dangerous gambit. Tonight I perused over the Steam store through all 96 available games / demos for VR. I ended up picking up 27 titles, 11 of which were free, and the other 16 came to a whopping $296 cdn. Just like that, poof, habit sated. For now….

That is the problem with a compulsion, there is never quite enough, there is that next gaming fix just around the corner. On a positive note though, there is no game left unfinished here. So sure, I do buy a lit of software, but unlike most of the “buy it and shelf it” crowd, I actually play 100% of my backlog. Last year I decided it was high time to finish my PS3 collection, of which I had 108 games. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT. That is insane, who does that?

So after a very busy year, and a few busy months in 2016, that total is now just under 30 titles.

So this endeavor into VR will put a pin into my PS3 backlog, but only for a while, only long enough for me to race through the 27 new games I just bought.

So what does this mean for you dear readers? All 3 of you…. It means you can expect a review of all those games over the next couple weeks. I am hoping to post here every night with new impressions and reviews, as well you will be able to check out my Youtube channel with an unboxing and set up vid coming Friday or Saturday.

There are great things on the horizon and you found a guy just crazy enough to jump in with both feet.

Stay tuned!

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