VR, VR, Where for art thou VR…

So here I sit, with anxious anticipation, much like a kid on Christmas eve, daydreaming of the wonder that are hidden away in virtual worlds, except… it has been Christmas eve for 8 days now…

You see, herein lies the issue, both Oculus and now Vive have seemingly bungled what could have been one of the most amazing launch days we have known. But here we are, 8 days since the Oculus Rift was suppose to be in our hot little hands and nothing, nada, zip. Just a solitary email late last week saying “Oops, we messed up, the shipping is on us, talk to you again on April 12th…”

Rumors have spun, shipping issues, missing components from the box, an elaborate hoax that claimed they shipped some with the wrong lenses and have to check each unit, the list goes on. The only constant in all this is the colossal lack of communication from Oculus, other than the obligatory PR speak or “We are doing the best we can and shipping units daily”, when in fact there is next to no confirmation on the forums that anything has left the warehouse since March 28th.

This took the wind out of my sails, I should have been knee deep in VR bliss right now, but hey, there was still the Vive on the way for April 5th, so no worries right?

Well here we sit a scant 2 hours away from April 5th and still nothing, no confirmation email, no shipping info, nothing. They took my hard earned cash on Feb 29th, and have not emailed me once since. Well that is not entirely true, I got the same email that every other pre-orderer got no matter what shipment they are in.

It sure is hard to stay excited for the VR revolution when there is nothing but delays and lack of information, and for the time and trouble we get to spend piles of money.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow at least brings a tracking number, frankly I don’t care when it arrives now, just for heaven sake let me know something is coming…



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