What happened to CCG?

Sorry it has been so long since we have had a site update. It has been a pretty busy year thus far, and to be honest I have been trying to play a lot more of my backlog, and I just do not see a need to review 8 year old Wii and PS3 games.

Additionally there have not been too many Special Editions that have tickled my fancy (plus I am desperately short on shelf space) so I have not had a whole lot to post as of late.

That said, you can expect a pile of updates in the next 2 weeks as I catch up on the few new games I have finished and need to review, like Sekiro, Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem and Days Gone.

As well I have a few Lego and Lepin sets ready to review that I just assembled.

I will have the Lepin Star Wars Sancrawler and the amazing Lepin Apacolypseburg. As well I have 2 real Lego sets to review, the Tron lightbikes and the very cool Lego Ideas pop up story book.

Also, I have recent picked up a very high end camera to take pics of the Lego and Lepin sets I am reviewing, a Nikon D850 and a full set of lenses, so expect some fantastic pics of the builds, as well as a comprehensive review of the unit and the lenses.

After all that I may be going dark again for a few months. I will be diving into Final Fantasy 14 again, I have 2 years of content to catch up on before Stormbringer comes out June 28th.

So it is unlikely that I will be playing anything but FF14 for a long time.

That said, I do have 6 more Lepin sites sitting on my assembly table right now, so expect those to come out in the next month as well.

The sets are:

Lepin UCS Tie Fighter
Lepin UCS Tie Advanced
Lepin UCS Slave 1
Lepin UCS B-Wing
Lepin UCS Snow Speeder
Lepin UCS Blockade Runner

I may also be picking up Hogwarts Castle and the newly release Mustang.

So we will have some updates, but just not the gaming variety this site was founded on, but hey, 90% of my views come from folks looking for Lepin reviews anyway, so ce’st la vie.

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