So this year at the EA press conference at E3, we got a sudden surprise.

A stand out indie title from 2017 was magically getting a sequel, and surprise, it was due out the day of the announcement.

This was met with a bit of mixed emotions.

Unravel 1 was a real stand out game, a passion project by its creator, to tell a story of loss and love, a tale of missed opportunities and connections to one another.

So when we got a sequel out of left field, to a game that really said all it needed to, it was a little odd.

Unravel 2 is a mixed bag.

The heart and soul from the first game are gone, which I cannot help but feel is EA’s doing, now just rah rah EA sucks, but it definitely has a commercialize feel to it that was not in the first one, where pt 1 was so intimate and feeling.

Part 2 is just polished and sterile.

Now does that make it a bad game?

No not at all, it is just a different game. And should be approached as such.

Not so much a sequel, and just another new game.

This time around Yarnie has a new buddy. A mirror image of himself in a different color (of which can be completely customized this time)

So for one, the game can be played entirely co-op on the couch.

Best I can tell the overlying story is about 2 friends or brothers and their attempt to run away from something or someone bad. Hard to tell really as the story is a lot more disjointed than the first game.

The puzzles though and level traversal are top notch.

They all factor in the 2 players, or trickily single player in my case.

Where you have to really step back and think though some puzzles portions.

Even though it could be 100% solo friendly, I sincerely think the experience would have been much better with a partner.

You essentially meld your two characters together to continue as one until you have a time to pop apart and solve a puzzle. This can be a real pain, something as simple as one Yarine standing on a switch and the other bouncing up to grab a ledge gets a little tricky.

It would have been a simple maneuver as a pair, but solo you are fast switching characters to try to make it work.

It all worked out in the end, and provided a fun Saturday afternoon, clocking in at about 4 hours it is a perfect cold winter day game to blast through on a single day.

The sound in this game caught me by surprise, it was MUCH better than expected. The environmental effects sounded amazing in simulated Atmos. The rain, the wind, the whole ceiling was alive with ambient noise.

Visually though, I think the first game came across as a better look and fit. Again, this game had some big developer clout behind it, and that organic, earthy feel of part one was gone here, in a trade off of polish, that took that “real” feeling out of the world.

All in all a fun game, not as good as the first, but still a fun game to play.

A decent 7/10 and a recommendation for any couch co-op fans out there.

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