Back into the land of the virtual.

A long time ago I snagged Light Tracer, back when I owned PSVR for the first time (yes, I stupidly sold it) but never got around to playing it, and had written it off as I no longer had a PSVR.

So I figured may as well blow off the digital dust and dive into this little gem.

Light Tracer is a MC Escher like puzzle game, where by you girl a little princess up a tower (no so unlike the tower of Babel) to the gods residing at the top, in an attempt to save her people from a sickness that put them all into a slumber.

This plays out over 8 levels and about 5 hours of playtime.

The game is both fantastically designed, and a frustrating mess all at once.

The concept was solid, the world itself is made from floating platforms that continue to ascend. It can be turned and manipulated with the left wand, and some items can be pulled, or moved with the same hand.

This works about 70% of the time.

As there is no real sense to the rotation of the level, it can sometimes be frustrating to get the camera in the right place so you an continue or make a jump.

This frustration can be compounded by the fact that the princess is not super responsive.

She is essentially a cat (not literally) that follows you laser pointer from the wand in your right hand. You point a beam of light and pull the T trigger, and she will approach follow the pointer.

This is terribly frustrating at times when you angle is just slightly off, or you lose tracking, and on a key jump she plummets to her death.

This will happen about 200 – 300 times in your play-through.

Now that is not a total bad thing, the game would have been a cake walk outside of VR, but the unique puzzle and angle ideas really worked well in VR.

Just go in knowing you will be cursing under your breath sometimes.

The story itself is kinda cool, nothing ground breaking, and it plays out in between level cut scenes.

It came to a surprising and satisfying conclusion.

And speaking of which, after the game is over, you are shockingly treated to a trailer for the sequel, a game literally no one is talking about. It looked reeeeeeealy rough, but it was nice to know they are moving away from this to a more traditional 3rd person adventure game.

No clue when it is coming or how far along it is.

All in all a fun little weekend romp, I would recommend it to anyone looking for more puzzle games in VR.

A decent 7/10

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