So, furthering my deep dive back into VR I checked out the critically acclaimed PSVR game Moss.

This was one of the more refreshing titles I have played in VR.

The attention to detail in the world is outstanding. From the leaves on the trees to the dust particles in the air, you can see that Moss was made with love.

The story narrative plays out via a narrator of a story book, with you in a dusty old library, and a magical book telling of an adventurous little mouse on a quest to save her family.

At the core Moss is an environment puzzle game, solving rather simple puzzle (and a few tricky ones) to go further on your quest.

The entire package is very well crafted, and the story (while WAY too short) actually had me crying out for our little heroine victories.

The controls are spot on and out little heroine with sword and doge combat playing a significant role.

I never felt like I was fighting the controls to move along.

The only small gripe I do have is with VR in general on the PS4. This happens in a lot of games.

The game often seems to assume all us players are just hovering over our sofas. The healing mechanic in the game revolves around you reaching down and putting you hand on your little mouse. Well often times this was below my seat.

I eventually had to re-calibrate, move my camera back, and sit on the edge of the sofa instead of reclined so my hands go down father than my lap.

Now this did not happen often, but it did happen enough to irk me.

As mentioned early, Moss is not particularly long, clocking in at about 3-4 hours, it was over just as the story was starting it seemed. You feel part of a much bigger world (no surprise, you are a mouse after all) but the overlying tale seems pretty great, it is just unfortunate that things end just when you want more.

Guess it is better to keep people wanting than to end on a low note.

This is a must own title for PSVR (or PC VR). It truly showcases just how awesome VR can be when done correctly.

A solid 8.5 / 10.

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