When Wofly 1 came on the scene a few years back it took the FPS genre by surprise.

None of us asked for a new reboot to the franchise, nor did we really want one.

But the presentation was so great, the game was fun, and deep, and went really far in terms of advancing the genre.

So when they announced Wolfenstien 2 at the last Quakecon, I was pretty pleased and looked forward to another trip with Billy Blazkowicz.

Sadly the execution this time was a real mixed bag, or more accurately, the story.

I have a pretty good imagination, and my suspension of disbelief is pretty broad, if you set the stage for me, and make it within reason in the confines of the game world you have created, I am in hook like and sinker.

Need me to believe I am humanities last hope, tell me why and I am likely to agree.

But Wolfenstien 2 does something so balls to the wall stupid about 60% of the way through, that I completely lost interest in the game and the story.

It was so out there that even the most seasoned sci-fi fan would think BULLSHIT! And that is exactly how I felt.

It was a useless plot point, and did nothing but ruin the narrative from then on, and ultimately in any new games down the road.

Beside said story event, the game was solid, the game play was slick, the weapons varied and felt right, and the story was pretty heartfelt and emotional.

It is just a crying shame that one little thing could ruin the whole game.

Technically it is sound, no glitches to speak of, and it looks brilliant on the PS4 Pro, offering silky smooth game play in 4k.

Sound was on par with your average modern day shooter, nothing stood out, but there was also nothing wrong.

Over all a fun game to play, but ultimately severely marred by poor story direction in the second half of the game.

If you enjoyed the first, there is more of the same here to be had, and if you can forgive the missteps, it is a decent game.

A solid 8/10 overall, with a story of 5/10 (you’ll know why when you get there)

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