So next up on the Lepin line is the amazing Nebula Medical Frigate from the Star Wars universe.

Seen breifly in Empire and in Return of the Jedi at the Battle of Endor.

Now this is one of the biggest draw about Lepin, not that they make block-offs of regular Lego sets, it is that they make some sets that Lego decided to pass on from Cusoo or just fan MOC of popular ships (like the UCS Republic Cruiser)

So set 05083 was my first, and almost my last MOC purchase.


In all my years building Lego I have come to expect a certain level of quality in a build. Seldom are you left scratching your head as to how the heck something goes together.

Well sadly that is just par for the course when it comes to MOC sets.

As they were not designed by Lego engineers, and just some Lego enthusiast in his basement, quality goes right out the friggen window.

There were multiple times in the build that making connection were just no logical.

Pieces simply could not be put together in the order the instruction stated.

Additionally things can be incredibly flimsy.

The entire center of the ship will snap right off if it was not for the stand, and getting it to stay together while you mount it, well that is almost a 2 person job as well.

So what the is the flip side to all this aggravation?

One of the coolest looking ships in my collection.


Sure it was taxing at times, but all in all it was a fun build when the instructions made sense.

Truth be told there was only about 3-4 times that you have to guess how to make things fit, and to sit back and think through an alternate coupling solution.

Coming in at 1736 pieces and only $70usd, this set seems like a steal.

Shipping was fast and I had it in my hands about 10 days after ordering from AliExpress seller “Lepin Brick Store”

It is available from a lot of others as well, but I have no complaints about them at all. They are fast and responsive to questions.

This build is a hard on to rate, on one hand it is a 6/10 for frustration factor, but as a finished product, it is a 10/10 in my books.

Highly recommended if you are looking for something unique and brick-like from the Star Wars universe.

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