Review – Rime for PS4 – Prime time for Rime Time!

So I picked up this little gem recently on a big Amazon sale for $15.

It is totally worth that and more.

The premise is not so different from ICO actually.

Boy wakes up, has no clue where he is, dark shadowy monsters are chasing him, mild puzzles and exploration ensue.

The game itself is beautifully done, with a washed out looking world that uses splashes of color to make things really pop.

You will stumble around a beach side area and work your way deeper into the island itself, and slowly through flashbacks and found memories, unravel the fate of this child and why he is here.

There is a constant sense of wonder in Rime, each area is quite different from the next, and you are always being perused by something, so there is a sense of immediacy here as well.

I wont spoil the big reveal, but this game definitely pulls at the heart strings like so many indie games do.

You do have to dig and search for those memories though, so someone on a path to speed run the game is going to miss out on a pile of story elements.

All in all the game is pretty short though, clocking in at about 5 hours, a few more if you explore and track down all the items / memories.

Controls are tight and the puzzles themselves are fun to solve. Nothing Mensa level, but still a few moments will have you scratching your head on what to do or where to go next.

This is a really great game if you are looking to kill a Saturday afternoon.

Recommended and a solid 7/10

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