So I spent this weekend strolling through an alien landscape not so dissimilar from earth.

It has flora and fauna much like ours, with a variety of creatures from cockroaches to hulking dinosaurs.

And all of it was experienced from the comfort of my recliner…

Welcome to Robinson: The Journey, the latest offering by the guys at Crytec.

The game itself is not too terribly long. I managed to finish the main story in about 4 hours, and spent another 2 wrapping up trophies for the Platinum.

While not the most challenging game, it certainly was one of the more immersive games PSVR has had to offer thus far. The lush environments were teeming with life, from the smallest of bugs to dinosaurs that towered 20 meters tall.

The premise is a simple one, explore. More of a walking simulator than an actual game, Robinson offers players a chance to stroll around (and climb around) a very well designed world. There are a few puzzles, none of which were too challenging, and a couple stealth section (and I use that term very loosely).

All in all a fun game you can sit down and finish in a single weekend.

There is a mystery to be solved, and things unfold at a decent pace. But do not expect a life changing story of serious depth, because that will not be found here. What you get is a snapshot of a very small time period, in what feels like could have been a much larger game.

Now will that play out long term? Time will tell. But there is definitely sequel potential here.

One of the biggest faults to Robinson is sadly, once your journey is complete, there is very little reason to go back and play again. You can easily snag a platinum on the game, and there is no real reason to go back again once you have, no score modes, no mini games, nothing.

Sadly another big flaw with the game is visual glitches. Or more specific, VR glitches. Things like not being able to position your hands on a wire to slide down. Having to constantly readjust the center position as you at times need to lean WAY forward to reach something.

It can be a frustrating affair at times, and many senseless deaths can happen due to poor design.

All that said though, the good does outweigh the bad here.

Robinson is thus far the best looking game on PSVR, the environment is very well laid out and feels natural, while still pushing you along in a specific path. The games 5 distinct areas all feel different yet the same. And that is not a bad thing, they tie together nicely, but each boasts its own unique design while still remaining within the realm of possibility.

Another really cool design aspect was they ripped the game play from The Climb (their Oculus Rift title) for all the vertical traversal. I loved this system when it was introduced in The Climb, and it immediately made me wish for something like that in an adventure game like Tomb Raider or Uncharted.

While Robinson is certainly not of the same caliber, it is definitely benefited by this game play mechanic. It is a simplified version of The Climb, without the stamina meter and the annoying jump grabs, but the core is still there and a welcomed surprise.

All in all a game worth its price of $39.99cdn. While you may not get any replay, sometimes if a game is good enough, once is enough.

While not perfect, it is till worthy of a 8/10 for the AWE factor alone.

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