Begun the VR wars have…

Right now it is like console wars sadly

The OR store has some content that is available on Steam, but for the most part they have exclusive titles only available on Rift. This is a crying shame, and quite frankly anti-consumer.

On the other side of the coin the Vive has a lot of exclusives, but it is mostly due to room scale / motion control. There is no walled garden here, pretty much all the Vive games available that are designed for seated experience are available for Rift too.

I imagine that the majority of the exclusive titles will end up being available to Rift owners when touch launches and devs add the coding for them.

I have both headsets myself and I am currently selling my Rift if that is any indication.

The main reason is primarily fit and feel, and the God rays. I wear glasses, and the Rift is absolutely horrible for glasses owners. They just plain hurt when using Rift, so I am forced to use contacts. This is less than ideal as I do not wear them with any regularity, so I have to plan ahead of time if I want to use my Rift, there is no “let me just pop this on and check this video out” endeavors.

The Vive gives me this, just slip it on comfortably over my eyewear.

Also the God rays are unacceptable, and I am not using hyperbole here, Oculus NEVER should have got this HMD past the quality assurance stage. There is never a dark scene that is not affected by them. Anything dimly lit will display them and they are horrendous. Completely breaks the immersion.  The best way to describe them is if you have severely smudged glasses and look at a streetlight or headlights at night. Everything gets a smudged white hue.

Additionally once you play the few exclusive Rift titles, there was very little left to do. Chronos, Lucky’s Tale, Eve and Edge of Nowhere were fantastic, and were true fleshed out stories (as opposed to a lot of Vive games) but still, beyond that I could not see a reason to keep it.

On a long enough timeline I imagine we will see the console war evaporate and both HMDs will have all the same games, it is the only way VR as a whole is going to succeed is if we can all just agree that all titles should work on both. End of the day they are nothing more than monitors strapped to our heads, if a TV manufacturer pull that shit they wouldn’t sell any TVs.

Could you imagine if Game of Thrones would not play on any TVs except those made by Sony? People would burn their house to the ground. (WITH LEMONS!!!!!)

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