Review – Firewatch – Burn baby burn!

So after a small sale on PSN I decided it was finally time to grab Firewatch by Campo Santo.

This is a tough one to review without giving anything away. At its core it is a first person exploration game.

You are a new ranger in Yellowstone national park in the late 80’s, armed with nothing more than a backpack and a walkie-talkie, you set off to keep the park safe from the threat of fire.

The voice on the other end of the radio is your partner in crime, Delilah, a smooth talking long time ranger who really makes the game what it is.

At the core this is  a deeply human story, something I did not come to expect at all buying it, the trailers eluded to same witty banter between you and ranger D, but it is much much deeper than that.

It is about home, and what it means to run away from your problems, to walk away from the things we should be holding on to.

I can’t say more than that without spoiling things, but trust me, this one is a rare gem in a sea of mindless action games.

The game is rather simple, there is not a whole lot to do per se, and it mostly exploring the park looking for this object or that, all while having interesting conversations with Delilah. But this is in no way a negative, the game plays out more like an interactive novel in a sense than a true adventure game.

The conversations do have paths to them, and you have a limited amount of time to answer or ask a question, and I am not certain how things could play out differently based on your choices, as the narrative seems pretty set in stone.

That said I may take another spin towards the end to see if I can change a certain outcome.

With many plot twists and turns, intrigue and emotion, it is very easy to recommend Firewatch.

It will set you back about $15 on PSN when on sale, and took me about 4 hours to make my way through.

All in all well worth the price of admission.

A solid 8/10


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