Review – Light Repair Team #4 – Beam me up!

So I just finished up with Light Repair Team 4 by Eerie Bear Games, this is their first foray into the world of VR and it is a solid start.

The game sell for under $10 cdn on Steam and will offer you about 2 hours of game play  depending on your puzzle solving aptitude.

Puzzle games have taken on a whole new dimension with the inception of VR, offing a scale we have never seen before in traditional puzzlers. What would have been small room puzzle now in a traditional 2d puzzler, now become a whole world of its own when you are standing amongst the  beams of light that make up LRT #4.

The concept is simple, and so are the first 10 levels of the game, get a beam of colored light to a small circular receptacle on the other side of the area you are in. This will light up the building around you and let you move on to the next level.

You have small mirrors at your disposal to reflect the beams and bounce them in the right direction. This grows in difficulty as the level progress with the addition of beam funnels that can take 2 or more colors and combine them. So if you need a green beam, you will have to get a yellow and blue beam focused into the funnel.

It is a simple concept the by the end of the 25 levels grows to a complex web of lights and mirrors.

The game functions in full room scale, so you will be walking around an elevated platform and placing mirror and the like all over the place, checking for line of sight and crawling on the ground to reflect a beam just right.

As levels go by they introduce more complex mechanics like moving platforms which throws a whole new spin on things.

All in all this is a decent game for the price and offers a lot more than most similarly priced VR games, at under $10 you cannot go wrong for the 2 hours of time you will get out of this game.

While it is basic and offers little in the way of replayability, it will make for a decent VR demo for any friend you may have that are into puzzles.

One of the shortfalls though is, as with most of the Vive’s offerings, this still feels a little more like a tech demo than actual complete game.

While the Vive boasted just shy of 100 titles in the VR library for launch, I have yet to play any that serve to be more than a couple hour romp showcasing what VR can do, more so than offering anything of substance.

While that is not necessarily a bad thing, the gamer in me is craving a more meaty experience. I am a hardcore gamer and tend to play primarily for the story, so sadly this is where most titles fall short, with the exclusion of a few gems like The Gallery, there is little to no story to be found in the majority of VR games as of yet.

I am sure this will change as time goes on and we get past the honeymoon phase, but until then, we need to take what comes along and enjoy the little gems like LRT #4 for what they are, simple showcases for what will inevitably become much greater titles in the coming months and years.

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